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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 7, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tchett, fitchett, st. albans, arya mortazavi, mortazavi, mortazavi, michelle rhee r. this is 9news now. >> late breaking news. we are getting reports that a passenger may have attempted to light an explosive device on a dc plane heading to denver. >> brittany morehouse joins us live from the newsroom. she has the latest on the story. >> reporter: derek and anita, the plane we're talking about was a united jet. it departed from reagan and has landed in denver. our sister station received calls from passengers who said they were held on there for an hour. some are being interview by the fbi. we are getting reports that a man attempted to light his shoes on fire. that suspect's name confirmed to cbs news is muhammad maldade. we also know that he is the third secretary advice council at the embassy here in washington dc. again, the plane is on the
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ground. you're looking at video there. everyone is safe on board and we hear security officials are doing explosive testing to see if this was, in fact, a real threat. that's what we know. back to you. >> thank you for that. dc police investigating a string of crimes in the area. people have reported 11 robberies from march 26th until yesterday with only one of the crimes involving a gun. the most disturbing robbery happened last week when three men attacked a pedestrian in full view of witnesses. if you have any information about these crimes, call the police. the southeast washington community, derek. >> the southeast washington community that is still recovering from last week's blood shed is giving some of the help it so desperately needed, but it may not be what anyone expected. the guard yin angels, a -- guardian an gels, a group that
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pro -- angels, a group that protects the streets was there tonight. >> it's a hurting thing. the pain don't go away. it stays. >> reporter: sherrill hamilton knows the agoy of losing a child. her son was killed in southeast. >> it's been six years for me and the pain is still here. it just hurts. >> reporter: for hamilton and others in this community, the arrival of the guardian angels was a welcome surprise. >> we need to take the streets back. >> that's a positive thing. thank you very much. >> reporter: daniel dyson is a new recruit. he wants to be a positive role model in a place where hope is in short supply. >> god knows who is out there that is afraid to step up and say i'm afraid of this. i'm sick of looking on the streets for the next person to pluck off. >> reporter: they have no
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bulletproof vest, no funding. they're armed with a dream to transformed a community. >> i wish something like this was around. >> they know we're all from the hood just like they are. so they give us that respect that can he can come up them and talk to them and let them know what is right and wrong. >> reporter: until then, a mother who has endured the greatest loss of all will cling to hope that things will get better. >> i pray for the rest of the mothers. >> the guardian angels will start tomorrow. if you would like more information, go to >> if somebody wants to join the guardian angels, what do they have to do? >> you have to be 16 years old. it's a four hour a week commitment. and recruits will be trained in cpr and basic self-defense. in the meantime, two more victims killed in a drive-by shooting have been laid to rest.
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friends and family members remembered william henry jones in the temple of praise in southeast washington. they also paid respects to devon boyd today. this family held its funeral at the hope funeral home in maryland. police say four men opened fire on a group standing in front of an apartment building at brandy wine and south capitol street southeast. four people died. five others wounded. officers have arrested three suspects so far. an update now to a controversial column in a college newspaper. today they held an open forum to talk about the forum in which they called date rape an "incoherent assault". the man assumes all of the responsibilities but an intoxicated woman's actions are excused. the paper has apologized for that column. new developments in the effort to reach four miners trapped in a west virginia mine
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as supporters held a candlelight vigil tonight, they're finally getting closer. the rescue crews are getting closer into the mine. possibly in the next few hours. the plan is to send down six different search teams. what has been holding up the effort is the task of removing dangerous gases from the mine shaft and pumping in air that is safe to breathe. it's been a tough wait for anxious relatives. >> everybody is in shock and hoping that he is one of the one or the four that comes out of there, you know. >> monday's massive explosion killed 25. rescue teams hope the missing miners got to one of the emergency chambers stuck with food, water and oxygen that could last four days. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has apologized for failing to mention slavery when he declared april to be confederate month. he called slavery evil and inhumane and calling it the
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cause of the civil war. nonetheless, his proclamation of the confederate history month has stirred up debate in his state. >> not everything needs to be remembered. it was very painful, unpleasant part of this country's history. >> for the purpose of educating our youth and the history of our country, then i think it's good. >> more civil war battles were fought in virginia than any other state, and richmond was the capitol. former governor made it official he wants his old job back. >> today i asked for your help for your assistant respectively as i again announce my candidacy of the governorship of the great state of maryland. >> the republicans chose montgomery county as the launching pad for his canned candidacy. o'malley beat uhrlac by a half a
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dozen points. first lady michelle obama hosted an event for young people. she encouraged the audience to make more healthy choices and use exercise. i had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the first lady today at the white house. you can see mccann did sit down interview with michelle obama tomorrow. after two years of negotiation, dc teachers have a tentative contract agreement with the fenty administration. the deal announced today gives teachers a 20% pay increase over four years, plus bonuses for outstanding performance. those bonuses will be provided through about $65 million in private funds. chancellor michelle rhee says she retains the authority to assign teachers based on student performance and not teacher seniority. howard county police are
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looking for three gunman tonight wanting tore shooting five people -- for shooting five people but the shootings are not connected. overnight two teenagers say a masked gunman approached them. then a few minutes later, somebody shot two adults in the legs during a night near a trailer park. earlier in the night someone shot someone near clarksville. the shootings are not gang related. fists go flying near a bus stop. and what would you do to get free food for life? how some customers are stepping up for that challenge. topper. 90 at national. 91 at dulles. a record again at dulles. third consecutive record. it's going to be dry in the morning and actually still very warm. partly cloudy. 61-71. howling winds at 15-25. we'll come back and talk about when the thunderstorms roll in. you might need an umbrella for your drive home. i'll show you a picture you won't believe.
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stay tuned.
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getting reports that a passenger may have attempted to light an explosive device on a flight to denver. >> reporter: the security threat was on a united flight
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and is now in denver this could have been a misunderstanding. a flight attendant told investigators said she smelled smoke coming from the plane bathroom. she alerted the air marschall and she broke in the door. that man claimed he was smoking and tried to put his cigarette out on the shoe. that would explain how we would hear reports of a shoe bomber. at this point investigators are still going through more explosive testing but it leads us to believe it may have been a misunderstanding. anita and derek. >> thanks for that clarification. new at 11:00, two teenagers are back with their families after police took them into custody for bringing a bb gun to school. this all happened on the grounds of the national cathedral in northwest dc this morning. police placed the school and the two other around there on the ground on lockdown for 40 minutes after reports of a man in the area with a gun. they never found the man but they did find a bb gun inside of
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a jeep wrangler. they arrested an 18-year-old and 17-year-old student. they charged the 18-year-old with transporting a prohibited weapon. taking a quick look now at news from across the station. a father from indiana is being charged with locking a son in his basement while going to florida on vacation. he left the cup for the boy to pea in. in missouri, prosecutors have charged a teen with killing two of his classmates. it started when the two girls got into a text messaging fight with one of the suspect's friends. police say the teen ended up stabbing the girls multiple times. and in arkansas, a 16-year-old is claiming his mother slandered him on his facebook page. prosecutors have now charged the woman with harassment and her son is asking that she be
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prohibited from contacting him. the boy lives with his grandmother who has custodial rights. a fight broke out on a bus between two women and the driver and it was all caught on tape. now, this one happened on a city bus in detroit michigan and it started when two women tried to get on the bus but only one of them made it. when the second one finally got on, she started arguing with the driver. that sparked the fight you see there. the driver was actually able to keep the pair of them at bay before kicking both women off the bus altogether. and in texas, security cameras caught some quick working crooks cleaning out a house. in just ten minutes. the homeowner says she was gong for 20 minutes and -- gone for 20 minutes and when she came back everything is gone. she has since installed even more cameras in her home. so far no arrests. in the ongoing battle for our attention and our appetite, connecticut fried chicken is -- kentucky fried chicken is coming out with something to capture both. and this is was not going to make anybody's healthy lifestyle
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list. it's called the double down. it's two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of cheese and the colonel's sauce all smashed in between two boneless chicken breasts. the grilled version of the breadless sandwich is about 460 calories and 23 grams of fat. the fried version is far more but still far less than that thing you see there. the hardy's monster thick burger that comes in at more than 1300 calories and 95 grams of fat. still, we wanted to know what some viewers thought of this new fast food invention. are restaurants finally going too far with the fatty foods on the menu. carolyn wrote on facebook not really. i like the sandwich. if people can't control their april tights, that's not their -- appetites, that's not their problem. >> this looks like an instant heart attack. they can at least make it look healthy and put it with some lettuce. what is standing between you and a free burrito supreme for
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every day for the rest of your life. one you have to get to san francisco and number two this little guy. it's jimmy riding a corn rocket. if you get jimmy tattooed on your body, they will feed you for the rest of your salsa loving days. >> the tattoo is for life so the lunch should be for life too. >> and lunch, any kind of lunch? >> anything you want. as long as it's once a day. even if it's not on the menu, if we have the ingredients, we'll make it. >> once a day, folks. the family owned restaurant offered the same promotion back in '99 and more than 50 people got the tattoo for the free grub. somebody call -- >> oh. >> sorry. >> are you okay? >> wow, like my grandmother always said, you hang around with pelicans, it could get dangerous. a pelican sniffed at walt's crotch while he was being interviewed at a tv station in missouri. >> oh.
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>> very bad pelican. >> he did more than sniff. >> snip. >> snip. >> okay. >> sometimes he exhibits the same behavior, especially when dealing with his radar. [ laughing ]. >> go ahead and read it. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> okay. well, we should move on to an all new david letterman after 9news now. take a sneak peek. >> i'm not worried about my taxes because i have plan b. do you know what my plan is, hot tub time machine? [ laughing ] >> and tonight actor chris rock will be there along with actors jane lynch. an all new dave. >> that's right. on to a far more serious issue, the obama administration has given extraordinary approval for the cia to kill an american citizen believed to be working with al qaeda. gary nurenberg is here with that. >> reporter: but here is the question, anita. an american citizen, no trial, no finding of guilt but here is an order to kill him. where does the government get
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the authority to do that? he is new mexico born cleric who the administration beliefs actively helps plan attacks on americans. he e-mailed the former silver spring army major who killed 13 people at ft. hood and he is believed to be in contact with the nigerian that tried to blow up a plane. >> it seems odd to me, at least, that a u.s. citizen who is not even indicted as far as i know can be singled out for attack. not that i disagree with it. i think he's a danger to the united states. >> reporter: the national security archive says there is no authority for the cia to kill him. >> they're substituting administrative regulations for judicial process. and i think that is a grave error. >> i think it will have the
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effect of bringing u.s. officials within the purview of war crimes, provisions across the world. >> reporter: after confessing killings in the 60s and 70s, congress and the ford administration prohibited the cia to assassinate. after 9/11, they did give expanded authority to the military. >> if i was still working, i would be concerned about which party would come back to hang me if i followed the orders and killed him. >> reporter: so where does this authority to kill an american citizen come from? one law professor says his involvement in several terrorist attacks provides the license. but specific statutory authority remains unclear. let's talk about viewer pictures because this is unbelievable. 90 today. 91 in some spots. check this out, bonnie sent this in. this is a pile of snow. it probably won't be there tomorrow but i think it's kind of cool. twooer two -- we're two months
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after the double blizzard. afternoon and evening storms tomorrow. it will be dry and windy. still warm. 85 degrees despite the clouds in the afternoon. 60 on friday. a few clouds in the morning but not a bad day. 60 sounds kind of crazy because 65 is the average high. that's not so bad. but after 90 monday, tuesday and wednesday it will seem like a big drop. 62 with sunshine on saturday. tonight partly cloudy, breezy and mild. low temps in the 60s. winds southwest at 10-20. at least it's a warm breeze. tomorrow morning it's going to be dry. clouds will be on the increase. windy and mild. 60s and 70s. winds southwest at 15-25 and gusty. howard will have the bus stop forecast at 4:55 a.m. and then by afternoon, showers and storms will develop. some can be heavy, a few severe. winds out of the southwest at 15-25. i think most of the storms will hold off until the tail end of the evening commute. at least in the immediate metro area. if you're in the mountains, get there quicker. look at the line of showers and
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thunderstorms. this is clear back. that skinny little line is going to roll through here. we're not looking at a lot of rain with this system. probably a quarter inch to maybe a third of an inch. but when the storms roll through, it can be intense for a couple hour periods. in the meantime, just high and low level clouds tonight. it stays dry. tomorrow morning just a few clouds. so dry for the morning commute. by late morning a few clouds. we'll see plenty of sunshine in the morning. showers and thunderstorms enter the mountains, cumberland, oakland across the eastern divide and then they roll across the metro area through tonight. and the good news is if they roll through the nighttime hours, chances are less severe. but still there is a slight chance of severe weather. we'll keep you posted. 80 tomorrow afternoon, evening storms. cooler on friday and saturday. a few clouds early on saturday but not bad. 60. 62 on saturday. sunshine. 70 on sunday. spectacular. 70 on monday. also spectacular. a few clouds and showers on tuesday and wednesday. a little bit cooler but not
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crazy cool. highs around 60. >> all right. over all pretty nice. >> yes. >> thank you. we have an update now for you on the late breaking news. no explosives have been found on board that flight from washington national airport to denver. we'll be right back with the sports after the break.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> all right. no snap judgments after two games. but the nats aced john lannan gave up five runs over four innings in the opener and tonight jason marquis the big free agent gave up six runs over four innings. does anybody know steve stratsburg's number. first inning already down a run. that is not going to help. 2-0 phillies. nats battle back, though. they do that in a second at-bat. double scores. we're tied at three. but marquis gave it right back.
11:25 pm
ryan howard went deep in the opener. goes deep again tonight. 2-run blast. nats fall 8-4. game two for the o's tonight in tampa. this is jeremy guthrie pitching. that is evan longoria with the gaper and they're not getting to it. two runs score on the double. o's fall to 0-2 with another 4-3 loss. wizards also in florida tonight. a chance to win the season series with the magic. the one thing you have to do is box out dwight howard. does anybody want to box out dwight howard? he had 17 and 10 tonight. then in the third a little back door nelson. wizards fall by 17. four games left. all right. so here is what we know about albert haynesworth. he didn't get along with the old coaches. he's aggravated the new coaches. he has strained relationships and he doesn't want to play the position mike shanahan wants to. why would you trade a guy like
11:26 pm
that? a redskins source said they tried to bid haynesworth but nobody grabbed him. nobody wants to dump big al to improve game chemistry. meanwhile they have had discussions with former cowboy tackle. the former pro bowler cut by dallas last week could play either tackle to protect mcnabb. the folks at the masters have a bit of a dilemma with tiger woods. they object to his behavior but they love the money he brings into the tournament. so what is a club to do? well, they decided to cash the check and then scold tiger publicly anyway on the eve of his come back. at least that is what master chairman jimmy pain did today in what they described grandstanding moral so little keyboard ering on a sermon. >> it's the fact that he disappointed all of us and more
11:27 pm
importantly our kids and our grand kids. our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we sought for our children. >> and it did happen, by the way. nike began airing its new tiger woods commercial tonight featuring the voice of his late father earl as tiger stared to the camera. >> tiger, i want to find out what your thinking was. i want to find out what your feelings are. and did you learn anything? >> so i'll ask you. >> wow. >> spooky, effective, eerie. is it a good ad. >> it got your attention, which is what those ads are supposed to did? >> yes. >> i have to think about that. we'll be right back.
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friday. but the big deal showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. primarily in the afternoon and evening. maybe just in time for the evening commute. slight chance some could be severe. mr. bernstein is back and vertical at 4:25 tomorrow. >> he's doing well after back surgery. >> that is 9news now for tonight. >> don't forget we're always on at make it a goodnight. i'm a fashion stylist. my secret? t.j.maxx. they buy directly from designers and you see the savings! i dress fashionistas. but i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing
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